Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Travel to Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014. Preparation

I would like to describe my travel to the 22nd Winter Olympic Games 2014 that are taking place right now in Sochi, Russia.
I am so excited and really looking forward to it!!
I decided I am coming to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Game around 2 years ago together with my boyfriend.
We started planning our trip to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games in advance, around 1 year ago.
We bought Olympic tickets on official website http://tickets.sochi2014.com/ and via official partner for Norway - CoSport early last year.
Since all of us have a Russian passport we don't need visa to Russia.
In October 2013 we booked a room on a cruise ship MS LOUIS OLIMPIA.
Information about an opportunity of booking a stateroom on a cruise ship I found on the official Sochi website. I think that accommodation on a ship is quite reasonable and it doesn't cost much, so I was very glad that I found this option.
Flight tickets we booked also in advance, in June 2013, so the price was very reasonable.
I expected that it would be not that easy to find tickets to events like figure skating, biathlon or ice hockey, but I was able to find some.
Also I was worried about the price of the accommodation, but I am very glad that Sochi provides a quite reasonable option with an accommodation on cruise ships.
I would definitely like to visit Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately at the time when we booked flight tickets, there were either no tickets available or I thought it was too expensive.
Now I think that the ceremony was just fantastic and it definitely worth buying ticket to the Opening Ceremony, even if it costs 50000 RUB.
So, now everything is ready and we a leaving from Bergen towards Sochi today at 13.50 local time.
Our flight includes two transit stops in Frankfurt and Moscow. In Moscow we will state for one night at the place of my boyfriend's parents, and tomorrow, February 12th, we will continue our journey to Sochi :)
Hope that everything will go smooth!
Here is the photo with our tickets and an Olympic mascot - I think he is so cute!!

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